Plastic-injection-moulding parts

You only know what you can do if you have tried it.


We know that we can do it!

We are your partner for injection moulding, particularly thick-walled parts and we process all conventional thermoplastic materials up to 4.750 g per piece on machines with a closing pressure of 40-1.000 tonnes. Our speciality is solid injected parts with a wall thickness up to approx. 30 mm. We have special experience in the following areas:

  • Fire-protection in accordance with German and international regulations (for example: ventilation grids in the interiors of buses, stadium seats etc).
  • Weather-proofing (for many years of external use, for example: seats and backs for grandstand seats, as well as high-quality garden chairs).
  • Electrical conductivity.
  • Processing of “liquid wood” (lignin) as well as plastics with nature fibre reinforcement.
  • Injection compression to avoid sink points (as a supplement to the TFC (Thermoplastic Foam Casting) process).